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The Way of Abhyasa J. In All Things R. Psalm Refrains c. Scribe of the Kingdom Vol.

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Wholeness and Holiness C. Deep Treasures From Retreat D. Eucharistic Prayer 0 6 J. Joan of Arc T. Love on the Mountain R. Luminous Island Wondrous Self D. Paths to Contemplation Y. The Psalms: Heartbeat of Life B. Revelation in Its Original Meaning L. Sauntering Into Holiness D. Seeds of the Desert 0 8 R. The Anglican Vision James E. Christian Worship and Techno. Change Susan J. Church Watch Leslie J. City of God? Disordered Loves William S. Easter Sunrise J. Friends and Followers in the Bible L. Is God a Virus? Jamie's Way Susan c. Made in Heaven? Members Only? New Creation Catherina J.

One Bible Many Voices S. The Pentateuch Terence E. The Reception of the Faith G. This debate seems to bounce back-and-forth with one idea against another, and when all is said and done, nobody seems to be the better for it one way or another. Scripture after scripture is quoted for pre-trib and the The Quiet Man deals with a lot of today's contemporary issues including, divorce, extramarital relationships, impact of divorce on a family, single parenting, depression, overcoming a major disability, romance, conspiracy, intrigue, being screwed by corporate America, losing the love of your life, trials of being a parent, and financial hardship.

When the Prince of Darkness decides to destroy Job, the curtain on his life and that of his family will be drawn. Although a loyal servant to God, Job finds peace with himself and his God after his destruction, where he finally finds his place in heaven. The Tragedy of Job captivates the audience with the brilliant, elegant, and compelling dialogues and soliloquies, which bring to life this biblic To accomplish this task, you must focus on three primary areas: exalt the Savior, equip the saints, and evangelize the sinner.

These are practical steps to help us effectively make disciples. Being a disciple is God's plan for every Christian. My Born-Again Experience was written as a witness that God is truly who he says he is and can do exactly what he says he can do. The best decision I ever made was to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and to acknowledge and repent of my sins. When I made that decision, he placed Isabella Starkson had always loved her long-time friend, but he had never paid her any attention.

Now they were going to visit them from Wyoming, and she can't wait to see him. Jacob Comet never paid much attention to Isabella, but when he learns that she is coming for a visit, he is excited. She stays on for a friend's wedding, while her parents head back to Wyoming.

Shame that arose from the physical, mental, and sexual abuse I experienced. After exhausting all known outlets to try and rid myself of the shame, I was down to my last option. And I took it. And it worked. Sheed is a young girl with a bright imagination. She would listen to her Christian parents as they would pray to the Lord each day. Sheed would talk to Lordee when no one else was around.

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Her parents got her a comforter bed set for her birthday and it reminded her so much more of Lordee. As Sheed falls asleep, she dreams about taking a ride on Lordee's pinky toe Did you ever wish you would find a baby animal that needed your help? And wonder if you would become best friends? Little Squirrel Girl needed my help. She was a help to me too, by being my friend and by letting me take care of her.

Happy Josh is a tale about a boy who begins to watch another boy and make harsh judgments about him. The boy assumes that Happy Josh is happy because he has no problems. This causes the boy to get annoyed with him because he thinks that the boy is a phony. But then he actually talks to Happy Josh and discovers that all the things he assumed about him were false. Where he thought the boy was Nine-year-old Louise not only struggles to keep track of her. Everyone should read this revolutionary book, not only a Christian testimony of a miraculous reception of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, beyond speaking in tongues, the story of interracial love, from opposite backgrounds, melding together through trials and tribulations, and finally, the challenge from Jesus, exhibited by Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Short stories in the early life of W. Cureton Sr. William E. There are times in our life when we go through difficulties, but if we trust God and remain grateful, we can overcome anything we go through! The author was called to preach the Gospel in and has served the Lord as a pastor, church planter, and chaplain. In , his life was changed when he developed heart disease that resulted in a triple bypass surgery. After recovering from surgery, he was regaining his health back when he developed heart failure that took him into the valley of death.

Melody Lynn Hanson loved every aspect of her life, and at sixteen, she thought she was at the top of her game. She spent countless hours in some capacity or another doing the one thing that brought her the most joy; training, riding, and competing with her horse, Romeo. That is, until she made one careless mistake which permanently altered her life's passion.

Angels are all around us; they come in various forms. They stay with us and look after us forever. This book is about a very special dog, an angel named Jaime Douglas Merrick, a gifted engineering scientist, sells his soul to the devil for revenge against his family and the world. The knowledge contained there could bring total chaos across the globe if revealed. With the help of demonic forces, Douglas Merrick plots to uncover what is hidden at the Nevada Paul Barham, ordained as a pastor in July , was called, trained, and anointed by God in the ministry of deliverance and spiritual warfare.

He is the Pastor of a home church and operates a phone-line ministry. He was commissioned by God to write books and to teach and open the eyes of believers about the untold truth and mysteries in the Word of God. He explains what the body of Jesus C The "Blessing Tree" is a delightful story filled with hope, dreams, answered prayers, and learning that you were created to be someone so very special and perfect. So enjoy seeing how God moves to fulfill the miracle that he promised our main character "Glory" live the miracle because he can even use For as long as he could remember, Johnny Natur had the type of life that would make you jealous.

He's the most popular guy in school, girls love him, and he's even the starting quarterback for the football team. Life is good! But then, his life changes when two mysterious strangers enter his small Texas town and start telling Johnny things that are hard to believe. Soon Johnny is caught up The title of this book, The Attitude, Respect, Training, and Safety Aspects of Trucking, is directly in line with the content of the book. As a professional driver, you will need all of these aspects to complete your portfolio. If you take just one of these aspects out of the equation, you are opening the door for potential hazards throughout your career.

Example, you can be the most skilled drive Unbridled Faith is a 30 - day devotional full of short stories and testimonies about life, farming, and horses. Take this 30 day journey and learn how to put your faith and trust in something bigger than you. Life happens, bad things happen to good people, and sometimes we have more questions than we do answers, but ultimately there is one who cares for us more than we can imagine. In fact, the Save Them All contains true and shocking stories of underprivileged and troubled kids living in the beautiful Bay Area of Northern California.

The book is written with empathy, irony, and a touch of comedy and also gives deep insight into the lives of everyday kids, on political issues, the struggles facing our public school teachers, and the societal issues that bring on many of these problems. I hope you enjoyed this story! Most of all, the story line to where like our Cornerstone was rejected, so was the main character in our story. Also, my beautiful wife, who, without her help, none of which would be possible! Lord bless her and keep her by my side. Quoting healing scriptures out loud many times a day and meditating on healing scriptures gave me a deep understanding of God's words "Healing is the Children's Bread" As children of God, it is our God given right to be made whole.

Mark It is very important to plant seeds of faith for healing in children at an early age. We must help children learn that they can trust in the Word of The baby gosling zipped through the tall spring grass, out of reach, from our pasture into the neighbor's. How would I ever catch him? Dodging horses and calves, I tried to at least keep an eye on him while negotiating the barbed wire strands and trying not to rip my new jeans. It wasn't the last time I would call him a little bouger!

In the South, as I was growing up, a bouger was someth Vikki Foxhill was inspired to paint a portrait of Einstein, but not born yet. She recognized the work of the Holy Spirit in her gift of painting. In a series of paintings, with human babies as the subject, images kept showing up without the artist knowing it was there Ever wondered how the giraffe got his long neck? Well Giggles the Giraffe lets his curiosity and nosy side get the best of him, leaving him stretched out.

It's a story about friendship and interaction and lots of giggles Glenn foretells of a united world government led by a world leader who becomes envisioned is the Messiah in Judaism, the second coming or resurrection in Christianity and Islam, and would have a place of reverence in many other religions, and respect among the nonreligious. Within this book, he seeks to establish inner and outer peace, love, happiness, and joy. Utilizing his inspired value system Each daily Scripture is received from God through the servant of Jesus prayer to Him. Waking up in a desolate land, not knowing where he is or even what his name is, a man begins his journey to find the answers.

He encounters one shocking revelation after another, leading toward the ultimate truth. But does he really want to know, aware that it could lead to truths he is not ready to accept? Does the past define the future? How does he know what to believe? Set in the town of Snowflake, with horses, adventures, and a Christmas Tree farm, Twiglet: the Little Christmas Tree is full of human kindness and the results of helping those in need. Along with Gran'pa Shepherd and Bright Starr, the twins end up fin Every stage of life presents us with different challenges, some that we honestly believe we'll never make it through and much less recover from.

From Disaster to Deliverance is a book that many can see the powerful hand of God giving strength and courage even in what seemingly feels like the biggest disasters of our lives. The author provides you with her life experiences, thought-provoking questi Writing this book has been a journey of spiritual and emotional cleansing and healing for me. I needed to write it as much for myself as for others. My goal was to write this book in a way that points others to Christ. It begins where I begin! Beginning with the day I was born and up to present day, showing how God's hand was on my life through it all.

I have been transparent about the ugly things This is written for my son, Nathan, and all those that struggle with addiction. Addiction must be the worst stronghold anyone faces. While our country fights the epidemic of opioids, so many of our families are losing their battles to overdoses, deaths, and mental health illnesses. This needs to stop. Explore the ways this couple reached people with astounding results.

Travel with them as they go to exciting cities in Europe and North Africa. Learn of the difficulties the Pages had and how they overcame them. Find out what life is really like on the mission field. Peter had enough of Mr. Grumpy being grumpy! He was tired of listening to him yelling at the boys, even though Peter and his friends hadn't done anything wrong.

They even played on the other side of the street away from Mr. Grumpy's house to avoid him. That did not stop Mr. Grumpy from screaming at them from across the road. One evening, Peter decided it was time to meet Mr. Grumpy face-to-face an Minutes are what life is made up of. Aware of the dimension of time at a reader's disposal, Mr. Wilson has compressed and packed thousands of insightful thoughts into his book, which bursts with life-changing ideas from cover to cover.

The results of his virile and focused mind is an explosion of vivid and inspiring thoughts on every page! Having no option after an unexpected amputation due to uncontrolled diabetes, John P. Edens found himself in a nursing home that described itself to prospective clients as providing residents with an "incomparable care. Edens provides a critical, cautionary review of the time spent trapped in a for-profit nursing home. He considers himself fortunat The author is not a trained Bible scholar. However, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he gained insight to Scripture during forty-eight years of Sunday school and Adult Bible teaching.

He also noticed that "new" Christians and seasoned believers alike often find the Old Testament baffling. The names of the books or knowing where to find a specific one causes tension, often embarrassment in the m Who is Jesus? Was he just a long-haired hippie in sandals running around the desert doing magic tricks?

How does his life and death affect me? Why should I address God as "father? From his unique perspective and writing style, Schuyler Vowell shows us the Jesus that religion and culture fails to capture. With humor, relev The Leaved Wings to the Breeze compilation is a celebration of the author's faith.

Talking to Strangers

Interpretation through words and photos, which tapped upon and prompted visualization and philosophical ponder, the work is the sixty-one-year-old's first published collection Always a big thinker and forever a wishful explorer. He may be a small grasshopper but he has a huge, adventurous spirit! Nate's dreams always take him to faraway places and one lazy day his dreams finally come true - he wakes up to find himself on the back of a truck, headed on the biggest adventure of his life.

He wonders, Where will I go? What stories will I have to tell?

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  7. Will it turn ou And there's not a better time than right now to evaluate where you are in that plan and to prepare yourself for the journey ahead. In beginning each day, remember it's not just another day. Rather it's fresh and new, containing the next predesigned segment of God's will for your life, in Picking up this book is one of the most important things you have ever done in your life because true love power will be revealed to you like you have never known or understood before. This kind of love power will keep God's promises to deliver and release you from a broken heart, abusive relationship, battered life, and any violation of your love.

    This book is a spiritual mirror that reveals love During the s, the Oregon and Santa Fe westward out of Independence Missouri were busy travel corridors providing seasonal business for wagon master, Clifford Stokes and his scout, Scott Buchanan. The wagon journey begins along the south fork of the Platte River where potential danger threatens from two unknown groups flanking the wagons while remaining hidden from view. One group is a Kiowa ra It was my hope when writing this book to also plant seeds of faith in our children's hearts. I have nineteen grandkids, and I pray every day that they will find the Lord at a young age, as the world is trying so hard to pull them away.

    I wanted to write a book that would remind them that Jesus tells them to come to him. If God knows those who are his before they are born, it makes sense that the s The Rosary in Scripture is not an attempt to "prove" that the Rosary is in scripture as the title would indicate. Nor is it a lengthy "Scriptural Rosary. Written as a "first-time" scripture study program, it is well suited for the "seasoned" student also.

    Jacob's Pony is a message of hope to children and the adults who read to them. It was conceived in my spirit many years ago as I saw my then two year old grandson gaze in quiet awe at a hobby horse at a local auction. As the horse was lifted up into a pickup truck, my Jacob was sitting in the backseat of a car. His eyes followed the horse and literally sparkled with anticipation as ours do as w This book is about proclaiming the Word of God everywhere in the world while celebrating life; it is also about emphasizing the importance of praising God for His greatness, His works, His goodness, His love, and most of all, for His precious gift of life.

    The Bible says in Psalms verse "I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are your works, and my soul knows Bye, Revealed Essence is a subsidiary disclosure of spiritual responses to a few challenges life offers. Finding answers when you face issues can cause you to search in so many directions. Bye, Revealed Essence is a reminder to open yourself to the Word of God and look within There was a problem at the North Pole.

    Santa was worried. He needed someone to show him the way. He would go out walk and pray. Then there was a shining light, a star that gave us Christmas. A dude named Rudolph; the world knew him as Rudy. He was the king of the hood. He would show Santa the way and make history that special night with his boyz.

    He was a superstar to Hollywood. A worldwide name Dirt Ball is the story of a boy playing in his underground fort who discovers that the little clay people on the dirt ball which he hung from the ceiling are alive. Not knowing how to respond to them when they get into trouble with each other and their creator, he is forced to ponder the love of God and His response to us.

    The poem can be used for presenting the gospel to middle readers and for st Touched by an Angel is a short story of a country-boy-turned-flight-instructor who was miraculously awarded angelic protection throughout his life through the promises found in Psalm From dealing with the mafia figures who welded real machine guns to FBI and DEA agents who were waiting for their turn to take him down, his destiny was written in another book, and the author was God The Bible is unlimited in wisdom and information, but too many people limit their knowledge to what they hear in church.

    The New Testament tells us what we must do to live a Christian life, but the Old Testament gives us examples of how to do it. This book explains many areas that we must work at to have a close, personal relationship with God. It gives a deeper understanding of the te Gallantry inspires one to be expressive. Acknowledging ones sense of thoughts using the gifts of God: mind to think, eyes to see, ears to hear, emotions to feel, hands to touch, feet to carry, voices to motivate.

    Facing the mirror of oneself, surfacing the good and positive, changing the negative. Strengthen the weakness, the chaining up the badness, releasing the fear, sculpturing, polishi The Million-Dollar Marriage is for individuals and couples who desperately want success in every perspective of their life, especially in their current marriage, future marriage, and those transitioning into a new marriage after a divorce. Divorce is due to irreconcilable differences or lack of knowledge in one of seven core perspectives spiritual, social, emotional, psychological, physical, econ Felix Cauldwell, formerly of Earth, is too smart for his own good.

    Working on the B-class cargo hauler, Helix 7, Felix doesn't really pay attention to the passengers on board, the crates the Helix 7 transports throughout the Known Universe, or even the planets they drop them off on. Although it tells of my horrific situations in my childhood, I explain how I was able to overcome with the help of Jesus Christ. National Mental Health Association reports that people with bipolar disorder are at great risk. They also say that 30 to 70 percent of suicide victims have suffered from depression.

    The children weren't home alone, but with Mama a patient at Oakdale Tuberculosis Sanitorium, a family discovers they are capable of more than they thought. Papa is a kind father, but he expects cooperation and harmony in the home. Mama struggles with her illness and learns to rely upon the wisdom of a "whatsoever" scripture verse to fight discouragement and homesickness.

    Ever felt this way? God, do you love me? Why does this keep happening? Not again, I can't believe this. Is God real? Does He really love me? Discover the truth. The truth of God's amazing love, joy, and peace. Do you know that the Lord our God wants to talk to you more than you to Him? And would you like to know that God is real? That God is a person? It's all true.

    When all appears hopeless, God Dancing for An Audience of One will give insight to the praise dance minister and those who aspire to dance for the Lord, a greater understanding of who and why we dance. This book will teach and instruct on the principles of who we dance for.

    The readers will get a better understanding of dancing for God and not for show. It is my conviction, and I hope that for many other praise dancers that thi When suddenly, Mindy had another tug. It must have been a big one. A really big one. Mindy's Light illustrates the gift of salvation. For Mindy, summer meant mud puddles, berry picking, and running barefoot. She loved her family and the adventures she shared with them.

    But she loved Jesus more. Even though Mindy knew of the love of Jesus, she had not yet received her little l The times and trials of a West Virginia coal miner and his family living in the Alleghany mountains along The River Blaine. The poverty in that area during the late s and the daily dangers of working in the coal mines, along with the simplicity of the people, make this a compelling read.

    All too often, Christians are encouraged to push their values aside in order to "make it" as an artist. How can we be a light in dark places without dimming our own? How do we authentically portray humanity through our art while upholding the dignity of the human person? There is a Tailor who lives in a cottage in the woods.

    This Tailor has created all the creatures that live there. They are beautifully made with care and thought. Together they make a wonderful tapestry, connected and designed.

    10 Books Every Christian Should Read

    He loves all of them so much. His hope is for them to love and help one another. With tears running down her face and engulfed by disillusion, Marie walked down a long hall toward a room with a steel door and one small window. The walls within were cement and in the center of the room lay a mattress.

    She was asked to lie down so that she could be put in restraints; restraints that would protect her from herself. This mountain before Marie was enormous, and her faith was minisc I never intended to "really" read this book. My goal before reviewing it was to "peruse" it and stop now and then when a particular passage caught my attention. Just read enough to do an honest review. But I sat down early in the morning and began actually reading the book. Just to get started. Page one lead to page two and to page three and page 4 etc.

    I stopped to e The reason I decided to write this book was seeing so many Christians struggling in their life to receive and walk in the promises of God. Sometimes we as believers don't get what we are looking for in the time we think it should come.

    It took one man by the name of Caleb forty-five years to inherit what was promised. Within this book, you will discover some of the characteristics of Caleb that ke How did the USA go from being the richest and most blessed nation on earth to the most violent nation and so deeply in debt to other nations? If God tested this nation, would we the body of Christ of this nation pass his test? We will not have unity until we get on the same page'. We cannot get on the same page until we get in the same books' The Books that were lost and are now being found.

    After the Hurt with God as my therapist is the story of my journey toward uncovering and pursuing my destiny. The book contains biblical truths and draws some parallels to some stories from the Bible. The hope for this book is for it to reach all the people who are or have been hurt by experiences that life sends to challenge and break the psyche. The journey outlined in this book spans over twent Stay Connected, Days of Prayer is a daily devotional guide to help you stay connected with God.

    This inspirational vitamin is to encourage and uplift all gods, kings, and queens to have faith. Praying is everything and most of all, its power. Prayers give us hope, faith, strength, comfort, peace, guidance, and helps you live more abundantly. I hope these days of prayers will bring you clos These questions and many more are all accurately answered in this book.

    Is marijuana use a gateway to the use of harder drugs? Is marijuana the fruit of the tree of knowledge Not all children's Christmas are filled with carols, eggnog, and joy. Many have to go through a roller coaster like Calvin, a young boy in and out of the foster care system. Calvin takes us on his adoptive journey, showing us not only the good times but also the bad so many children in our world see today. However, with loving people to help him along the way and a lot of prayer, Calvin shows us t As the world is nearing the brink of collapse and the threat of something much graver is at everyone's doorstep, one of the greatest wars history will remember breaks out in the country of Gargonear.

    Meanwhile an ancient da One evening, the adventurous three boys encounter something sinister in the dark woods. Their adventure continues the next day inside a soaring tower on the banks of Cobblestone Island. While climbing the tower's winding stairs, they are surprised by a bat flying through a broken window a Isabella's Bird is about love from the Princess Isabella to all who loved her unconditionally. She expresses her thankfulness and appreciation for all their work done with love for her. One evening the princess wished for a friend.

    The next morning she awoke to the singing of a magical bird on her windowsill. The birds name was Isabella's Bird. The bird was able to dance, sing, talk, and h Hopefully you can relate with the sentiments of my heart to soothe and comfort your day in a world that's so fast-paced. It's good to be able to relax and let the comfort of a series of events encourage you to keep living productive lives. Thanks for taking the time to share these expressions with me Always With Me is a true story about the life of Moses Macias as he grew up in and out of the hospital for twenty-one years.

    He was born with spina bifida and cleft lip. As a result, he would have to endure dozens of surgeries as he would fight for his life growing up. Always With Me also details other struggles of growing up disabled such as bullying, depression, suicide, medical abuse, sexual ab Tears were flowing from her eyes, and Suzanne was right there with more tissues. The tenderest eyes Heather had ever seen were peering at her and also trickling with tears of compassion. I know that I really messed up. In the s, one of the churches I was serving held a picnic at an Oregon state park.

    For a brief time, I found myself in conversation with another group in the same park. On learning that I was a pastor, one person in that group said, "Oh, you poor man! In Understanding the Power of Recommendation, Felix Dafiaghor unveils the secrets of the uncommon achiever and how they got to the top through the power of recommendations. You will also learn why champions and men of influence continuously succeeded and how they go on to increase and multiply their success. You wi We live in a difficult, tense, and ever-changing world. Morals and values waver and shift.

    Bad things happen, and we are informed about them instantly and relentlessly. This book is written by the inspirations from real people. There are sad moments of people who experienced tragedy. A young man leaves wife and kids, took a train north through sleet, hoping for a better tomorrow. A hurricane hit the East Coast and affected a big area. Most people had to look for shelter, food, and blankets. They spend the night in the cold, without heat. Many who are on minimum w Waves of Inspiration features dozens of poems that will inspire and motivate you, give you hope for a better tomorrow, and even add a little romance into the mix.

    Although the poems cover a variety of themes and topics, both from personal experiences and observations, the message from the author in each of them is sincere, and he clearly speaks from the heart. In every relationship, there has to be communication, and in every deep relationship, there has to be mature communication. How we get there with God is through mature prayer.

    Bridal Bargains: Secrets to Throwing a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget

    Here we have one of the judges from Old Testament times who was sent undercover to accomplish God's plan. God gives Ehud a secret mission to get His people back in line Darkness and evil has many faces, but so does Good. Trapped in My Body was truly where Melissa was. However, she always cared about others, never complained and spread the love and faith she had to everyone who she met. She wanted to share her thoughts and her family and friends' thoughts with you. Although her life was short, she had an unbelievable impact on everyone.

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