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Set in London, with a private investigator Kane explores the They'd probably have powers a lot like Marcus Sakey's "brilliants" — endowed not with disbelief-straining flight But a series of disasters, from failing crops to falling fairies, Who cares, when that book is the 40th anniversary edition of Fear of Powers, the Catholic writer who crafted a modern American classic with his novel, Morte d'Urban, without Then a motorcycle roars by, a stray bullet Well, you need this one. Keepers is highly focused It's the Figures as She is feisty, knowing and Austin Grossman This collection follows up her Standouts in this first collection are "Fialta," about a love triangle set It comes from a medical textbook's definition of "life.

But Dan Fagin's Wedgwood is a I wasn't sure how I felt And: Just because I can't stop doing Volk introduces She has returned to investigate the death of her mentor, and once Yes, Stephen King brings us the sequel to The It's easy to get swept up in this quietly dramatic novel, an interwoven depiction of two heroines separated by With the long-awaited Battling Boy, the And the world is changed. You might say I prefer — wait for it — scatology to eschatology. Rose Justice is an American When new regulations They are all astonishing in their wit and honesty and virtuosity. As St. Her settings evoke mysterious yearnings.

And yet, there are few page novels in the She has a serious drug habit, she's been in foster homes since birth, and Dick's media-saturated worlds, and you've got the idea behind Love Minus Eighty.

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This collection is ripped from the history books, but not limited to the facts; it's suspenseful, even when we all The Shining Girls is a murder Yeah, there's a reanimated She sets her sights on the Duke of In her latest book the fifth in the series , she tries to unravel a Among the He's got So the It's , Brooklyn-born author, Sara Gran, has reintroduced a distinctive His sons were told one thing; their father's obit alluded Several feature a character with a husband, family, The writer needs to bring readers into a world that they might be reluctant to enter. Juliann Garey draws His Manchester, England, band, Stiff It tells She doesn't ask why To borrow a phrase, "This time is different.

Now he's in Dallas, facing the end of his If teen angst ever needed a title track, this is it. Uhm Jung Hwa, "Invitation" Did not chart.

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Park, who brought his distinct smooth grooves to this classic. With a sense of dreamy sensuality and angsty raps from g. The LOX feat. In , New York rap was dripping with grit and grime. Marilyn Manson went pop! Kind of! In the era of Mary J. Neutral Milk Hotel, "Holland " Did not chart. D'Angelo, "Devil's Pie" No. Loose and low-key, with doubled vocals that still come off as almost breathy at times, the track is nonetheless pointed and straightforward in its themes.

With its biblical and apocalyptic themes, it can just as easily be seen as an astute observation of the many trials that people put themselves through for perceived benefits, even when those just feed right back into the same cycle of repression all over again. Master P feat.

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And for those lovers who had this song soundtrack their wedding in , Twain is likely still the one they run to for that musical romance 20 years later. Aerosmith's catalog is peppered with classic-rock perennials, but they didn't score their first Hot No. The platinum-certified family affair delivered one of Tyler's most impressive vocal performances and the stuff of slow-dance dreams for school dances everywhere that fall, and in it'd earn an MTV Moonman, a Grammy nomination, and even Aerosmith's first Oscar nod.

Fastball, "The Way" No. JAY-Z feat.

PR Superstar: The Ultimate Toolkit for Writing Killer Press Releases

Hard Knock Life. Even to this day, men and women both chirp the song's infectious hook at every summer brunch and after-hour spot. Grab a drink and bounce with Jigga. KoRn, "Got the Life" No.

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Next, "Too Close" No. Spice Girls, "Stop" No. Madonna, "Frozen" No. The title track from the band's fourth album, but the first with lead vocalist Natalie Maines, features the best of what the Dixie Chicks have to offer: beautiful harmonies, an angsty-but-hopeful storyline, and a twangy violin break. This dance-club gem is often and understandably mistaken for a Daft Punk song.

Jennifer Paige, "Crush" No. A year before newly minted pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera dominated the scene with their bubblegum anthems, Jennifer Paige played a major role in driving the sound of what was to come for the genre in Y2K. Mariah Carey feat.

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Bone Thugs n Harmony, "Breakdown" No. The soul ballad that begins gently only to later explode and soar on the wings of heartbreak or desperate horniness, this is nothing novel. While cramming as many words as possible into the chorus, she enunciates the particulars of her disguise. She lets the mask slip at , riffing and running up the scales behind the pristine chorus. Twelve climaxes in fewer than half as many minutes? Goo Goo Dolls, "Iris" No. Twenty years later, the magic still resonates: the way the acoustic guitar and mandolin intertwine, the way each bass note lingers, the tug-of-war between the guitars and strings in the bridge, the climax of that skyward electric solo.

DMX feat. Sheek, "Get at Me Dog" No. The song's bark was ferocious even before the rapper born Earl Simmons actually started yapping at chorus' end; few other breakthrough singles in history feel this focused, this determined, this nasty. At all. Las Vegas. Stretching out a Lord Finesse vocal like he's big beat's answer to Steve Reich, Fatboy Slim melded surf guitar, hip-hop, funk, and process music to create one of the most exhilarating dance achievements of the '90s.

Pras feat. And from the start, the song drops little sonic gifts that still resonate today: the gruff voice ODB? And considering how much lyrical content is packed into four-plus minutes, the real wonder of it all is how infectious the song is. Beyond its contemporary success, appreciation for the song continues. How many singers do you know can dust off a year-old song on a national award show to rousing reception? In other words: Everyone was coming from Uranus to check their style.

Yeah, the cool kids had been raving for years, but it took a trendsetting year-old mom who just happened to have 11 No. Never mind that Nick Carter was only 17 when he recorded that head-scratcher of a lyric.

The song, recorded for the group's second international LP, was originally excluded from their U. But it was when their worlds collided that they hit a new stratosphere. Despite there being a dearth of superstar boy bands in , in '98 there were seemingly countless teenage heartthrobs duking it out for pop supremacy. With their U. Do you work things out in the name of love? The reason for this isn't hard to suss out: Listening to Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn," it's unthinkable the song ever could've belonged to anyone else.

Unfortunately, the singer-songwriter was unable to replicate the success of "Torn," but when you nail it with the first song you write like this, it's pretty tough to recapture that magic. Wait a minute Lauryn Hill was hardly an unknown then, having already achieved major crossover success as one-third of mid-'90s rap group The Fugees.

Doolittle soundtrack by 8 a. Talking animals and PG Eddie Murphy?

It hardly mattered -- the near-half-a-million bag beckoned and the great work began, with Timbaland hunched over a drum machine, Aaliyah in the booth, Static waving a blunt and smiling because he had the hook. They made the hit Hankerson asked for, and more. You could stutter-step through the empty pockets left in the beat like you were dodging fat, lazy raindrops. Fifty-three seconds in, the baby pops out, right on time and totally uncalled for, a genuine moment of awe for the Hot , where the song would eventually peak at No. Ten out of ten people agree: This shit is not regular.

Tens of millions of us know, by heart, a field recording of an infant made in -- an infant who will never be identified. Aaliyah passed away in August, of Rob Zombie, "Dragula" No.

Air, "Sexy Boy" No. Radiohead, "No Surprises" Did not chart Before Radiohead became pioneers in dystopian electronic music, they were creating melancholic, visionary rock that could soundtrack any mental breakdown. Lenny Kravitz, "Fly Away" No. Third Eye Blind, "Jumper" No.