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Not long ago, a new division head at a large industrial company told me that he was struggling to grow sales and profits. He spent the next several weeks interviewing staff and customers, and concluded that success in his business depended on developing close relationships with the purchasing managers at each of his top 25 customers, putting the right people in critical sales and manufacturing leadership positions, and staying at the cutting edge of product innovation.

He also realized that his division was performing poorly in all three areas. He proceeded to clear his calendar, force himself to delegate tasks that were less central to success, and focus on raising the bar in each of these areas. Six months later he reported that he had replaced a number of executives—including the sales manager and head of product development—and created an executive committee that met weekly to discuss critical business issues.

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Sales and profits began to improve, and he felt confident that he would resume his upward career trajectory. While seemingly amorphous, character and leadership often make the difference between good performance and great performance. One measure of character is the degree to which you put the interests of your company and colleagues ahead of your own. They coach and mentor.

They have the mindset of an owner and figure out what they would do if they were the ultimate decision maker. They have the courage to trust that they will eventually be rewarded, even if their actions may not be in their own short-term interest. In reality, most chief executives desperately want dissenting opinions so they can make better choices.

While emerging leaders must use good judgment regarding the tone and timing of their dissent, they also need to be aware that they can hit a plateau by playing it safe when they should be asserting their heartfelt opinions. One CEO recounted to me his regrets over a recent key hire. His top three reports had each interviewed the various job candidates and expressed no major concerns about the final choice.

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The CEO was furious. Though he recognized his own role in the mess he vowed to more actively encourage dissent , he also lowered his opinion of the two executives who failed to express their views. Otherwise confident executives sometimes overestimate the career risk of speaking up and meaningfully underestimate the risk of staying silent. In some cases, I advise people to become experts in some specific business area in order to build their confidence.

I also encourage people to spend more time deciding what they truly believe versus trying to guess what the boss might want to hear. At work, as in competitive sports, you must play with confidence and even a little abandon. To their surprise, they found that they were treated with more respect after these episodes. Most outstanding CEOs value emerging executives who assert themselves out of genuine concern for what is best for the company.

Doing the right thing is a reward in itself—psychologically in the short run and professionally in the longer run. Of course, this approach requires that you have some reasonable level of faith that justice will prevail. I have seldom seen people hurt their careers by speaking up and appropriately articulating a well-thought-out contrary position even when it was unpopular.

However, I have seen many bitter and confused people who stalled their careers by playing it safe. Every rewarding career will bring ups and downs, bad days, bad weeks, and bad months. Everyone will face setbacks and discouraging situations. Some people abandon their plans when they hit one of these bumps. They lose their way and ultimately undermine their own performance—and the wound is all the more painful because it is self-inflicted. The advice in this article is intended to help you avoid such self-inflicted wounds.

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Then, you need to have the courage to periodically reassess, make adjustments, and pursue a course that reflects who you truly are. Professional transitions. Robert Steven Kaplan.

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July—August Issue Explore the Archive. Executive Summary Reprint: RC Despite their lofty job titles and impressive pay, many high-achieving executives feel professionally dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

To reach your potential, Kaplan suggests taking a deeply personal look at how you define success: Begin by recognizing that managing your career is your responsibility. Then, follow these three steps: Know yourself by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and the activities you truly enjoy doing. Excel at the activities critical to success in your desired role. Demonstrate character and leadership by putting the interests of your company and colleagues ahead of your own.

The Idea in Practice Kaplan offers these guidelines for reaching your potential at work: Know Yourself Write down your 2—3 greatest strengths and weaknesses. So the opportunities for young people entering the trades is looking promising, if we can lure them to the trades side of the workforce. And with this growth comes technology and automation this is where the robots come in! Manufacturers commonly report that they are slow to invest in new technology due to the training requirements and lack of workers to actually train. These manufacturers also report a rising need for workers with trade skills because of the increasing technological sophistication in every industry.

However, despite all the statistics and data on good jobs available in the trades, kids are still lining up to go to college.

Some states are finding ways to make the trades career path more visible to high school students. Tennessee has made its technical colleges free. In the private sector, Klein Tools is partnering with SkillsUSA to launch an inaugural National Signing Day , which will celebrate thousands of high school seniors dedicated to pursuing a career in the trades on May 8, My father, an electrician for over 40 years, supported me and my family with a stable and rewarding career.

The hope is that this program will bring more awareness to the skilled trades, and get more students considering the trades. The future is looking pretty bright for those that do decide to enter the trades. Employers are looking to draw in more workers and are taking a hard look at their pay scales, benefits and other perks. Salaries are currently on the rise and as the shortage continues, it will only drive those salaries higher. And since recruitment is so challenging in the first place, many firms are working hard to create real career paths and growth for their employees to retain them.

Some contractors have noted that if this shortage continues, there could be people in the trades earning more than some doctors and lawyers. Whether or not that part is true remains to be seen, but the point is, the job in the trades are good positions that pay well. Category: Industry News. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy.

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Buyers from NASA centers from across the country!

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