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10 Tips For Making Your Restaurant Business Successful

With more than million posts tagged food and 23 million with drinks, food and beverage photos are easily some of the most popular types of content on Instagram. Of that percentage, The less clicks it takes to find out about your bar, the better. Milwaukee-based Camp Bar has multiple locations that they squeeze into their Twitter bio. Multi-location Buffalo Wild Wings uses the limited Instagram bio space to speak directly to their customer.

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Wings are part of their name and a big customer draw. It makes sense to have the meal featured prominently in their bio and in their photos. Facebook Pages offer an easy way to input your information, including opening hours, address, messaging options and popular times to visit. This can be incredibly helpful for those who are unfamiliar with the restaurant. If you have multiple locations, Facebook makes it easy for you to add all the addresses.

While it may be a pain to set up in the beginning, the benefit is that the closest locations will pop up for your customers. If you have numerous locations, consider uploading a spreadsheet to Facebook instead. You can use this to your advantage later by creating location-based Facebook ads.

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Each location is able to have its own subpage linked to the main one like this Birmingham location. Depending on your social media marketing strategy , you can have the individual locations handle their own posting. While establishing location-based Facebook Pages can have its advantages, there are downsides to managing multiple Pages.

In the same Sprout Index, research discovered the most annoying action brands make on social media is too many promotional posts. What do promotional posts look like? Most promotional posts talk about discounts or a specific product.

18 Innovative Ideas to Increase your Restaurant Sales

Incorporate action shots or product placement in a way that is visually attractive to your customers. The best photos or videos can get your customer momentarily imagining themselves at your business. Approach social media like you would a group of strangers at a party. Sprinkle tidbits about yourself while mostly engaging with other people.

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Engagement posts focus the conversation on your customers. See our data on consumer goods brands best times to post on Instagram:. Examples of this type of content include staff features, interior and exterior shots, general food items excluding alcoholic drinks and behind-the-scenes company updates. Using innovative marketing, a proven system, and proprietary technology — our obsession is helping restaurants get new customers.

Best restaurant marketing company, based in Beverly Hills CA. Phone : Email : grow placepull. Your Secret Weapon for Restaurant Marketing. Analyze Restaurant.

How to Grow Your Restaurant Business by Leveraging Social Media Influencers

As Seen In. Easy Process. Proven Results. Some Things People Have Said. How It Works We target people searching for restaurants in your area and convert them into your new customers. We Love What We Do. Because we love America and that means empowering hard working Americans. Because we believe business owners are heroes in their local communities.

Because heroes deserve the best. Meet Your Team. Even just one write up or mention from a major foodie can be a huge for restaurant promotion efforts. For more ideas, check out what we've come up with here. The stronger and more accurate your online details are, the better.

This can save you time and energy while engaging and sharing with your followers. Finally, you can make sure your accounts remain active.

Direct Customers to Your Physical Location with Store Traffic Ads

Customers are going to review your restaurant. Some will be good and others will be bad. If you do the same on Yelp, it will not only help the customer that had the bad experience, but it will develop trust with those reading the reviews. Combining good reviews with proper handling of bad ones are great ways to promote your business on Yelp. Word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising. People trust a recommendation much more than they trust advertising.

10 Essential Restaurant Marketing Tools Every Owner Needs

Now, those types of recommendations have moved online to social media. The continued growth of your restaurant hinges on your social media strategy and your engagement level. Take the time to properly engage your customers on social media. The best strategy to grow your restaurant through social media, is to be active and engaging.

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When a customer sits down to a massive menu, it tells them that the restaurant may not truly specialize in anything. The truth is that people often only turn to the internet to post a review if they have had a negative experience with a business. This can lead to a successful, established restaurant only having mediocre feedback on social media, which can cause potential customers to reconsider their visit. Few things bring a customer back more quickly than feeling like they get a little something extra out of it, which is why customer loyalty programs are so popular.