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The Geneva Bible was the first study Bible ever printed, a fact which both endeared it to the laity and irritated the clergy and monarchy, as neither archbishop nor king was allotted the god-like status each sought.

The Bible brought to the American colonies by the Pilgrims in was their much-beloved Geneva Bible. During the decades following the publication of the King James Bible in , both political and commercial meddling by monarch and bishop was implemented to finally subvert the influence of the Geneva Bible. Additionally, it was the type or prototype of the King James Bible to come 50 years later.

The 1560 Geneva Bible - The Bible of the Puritan Household

This is due to its archaic typography and outdated spellings and word usage. The Tolle Lege Press edition removes the major obstacles for the contemporary reader. It returns this historic Bible to its rightful place of influence and importance. You can find the Geneva Bible available on the Olive Tree store here. We only sell the digital copy.

I have a hardback replica copy of the ediition, and I love it. It takes a little getting used to however, to say the least!

Geneva Bible Edition

If you want to know why the religious and political powers that were got their pantaloons all in a twist over the Geneva, check out the footnotes under Rev. Footnotes were eliminated after that, as common people were too stupid to understand them, they said… but I think it was really because they nearly started a war between Geneva and Rome! We currently only have one version.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. An Interview with Dr. David A Bennett: When it was first printed, the Geneva Bible was the most reader-friendly version of the Bible ever translated. Q: Can you give us a brief history of the Geneva Bible?

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The brief efflorescence of the Protestant movement during the short reign of Edward VI —53 saw the reissue of the Scriptures but no…. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. The brief efflorescence of the Protestant movement during the short reign of Edward VI —53 saw the reissue of the Scriptures but no fresh attempts at revision. In Archbishop George Abbot forbade the issuance of Bibles without the Apocrypha, but editions of the King James Version from on often omitted it from….

Miles Coverdale , bishop of Exeter, Eng.

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Ordained a priest at Norwich, Coverdale became an Augustinian friar at Cambridge, where, influenced by…. The covers and spine of the Deluxe Edition are intricately blind-stamped with elaborate decorative designs, and the spine features five raised bands with burgundy leather labels beautifully gold-stamped. You may also be interested to know that, upon examining the remarkable quality of our Geneva Bible reproduction, bestselling author and theologian Dr. I believe that you will agree that this important "Bible of the Protestant Reformation" is a must-have for your library, particularly if your theological views are of the Reformed tradition.

The Geneva Bible And The Apocrypha

As you can see from the image of the spine, this Deluxe Edition is called the "Gibbor Edition". Regular Left , Deluxe Right Click to view more images.