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Valentine's Day in Jail A woman falls in love with an inmate after she is assigned by her company to commission an article written by him. Six Days A rugged country housewife has a torrid affair with a hired ranch hand after her husband is hospitalized after an injury. Guys and Dolls A business woman meets a mysterious business man at a bar with the intentions of a no strings attached sexual fling. Their relationship becomes too close for comfort when they realize they have more in common professionally than merely sexually.

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The Value of X A soon to be high school graduate experiments with sexuality and gender expression. Voice A woman begins having paranormal experiences after being in a relationship with a married man. She becomes haunted by the apparition of his current wife. The tables are turned when she begins yearning for the touch of his wife than the actual arms of the married man she loves.

Leaper A struggling writer weighed down with depression is attacked by a disturbed and helpless young girl. The writer is in shock as she meets the lover of the frightened girl unbeknownst to the writer at the time of meeting. The writer and the young girl's older lover engage in a lesbian's sexual encounter.

The Footpath of Pink Roses A young woman who is into MMA-style self-defense is taken for a loop when her sexual desires take a turn for the primal. Her vanilla boyfriend is conflicted about her desires after she asks him to "force" her to make love to him and suggests they forget it ever happened.

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She meets a handsome self-defense teacher who helps her express her inner desires to be passionately ravaged by the man of her choosing. In Praise of Drunkenness and Fornication Three couples meet up for a regular dinner party. The couples are each in different phases of life, age wise. There is jealousy that erupts as the older couples are envious of the younger couples. As the night continues the youngest couple leaves.

The two older couples are left to drink and mull over hidden desires. The night ends with the two remaining couples switching partners for the evening. Jun 30, Oct 3, Dec 10, Jun 1, Jun 24, Jan 28, Jul 17, Nov 2, Dec 23, Jul 29, Apr 17, Sep 21, Dec 13, Aug 3, Feb 3, Oct 13, Oct 20, Sep 12, Mar 14, Sep 30, Sep 13, Nov 6, Jun 18, May 21, Oct 4, Sep 15, Nov 7, Aug 11, Jul 27, Jul 4, Jan 17, May 20, Apr 27, Apr 10, Aug 2, Aug 7, Oct 17, Jul 16, Jul 23, Sep 4, Oct 23, Mar 30, Mar 27, Jan 23, Feb 14, Jul 5, May 14, Feb 9, Aug 27, Oct 28, Jun 20, May 5, Aug 4, Mar 23, Aug 25, Jan 31, May 19, This site does not contain sexually explicit images as defined in 18 U.

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All Rights Reserved. Remember Me. Sitting with the soft, white sand covering my toes, While the warm breeze tousles my fiery red hair Dozens of beach goers mill all around me With their umbrellas and chairs and suntan oils. Still, it feels incredibly quiet As the seagulls fly around, The pelicans gracefully glide, And the dolphins swim and play. No sounds penetrate my mind For I am mesmerized by the vision of you Smiles cause am so happy The night was chilled as frost stuck to the pane like crystals of snow-diamonds in your blue eyes and the moon was pale as you hung about the window a shadow of memories, whispering a cold December At nightfall under the midnight pale moon with the rustling of the leaves from the trees deep lays the snow about the willows like a cold wind banging tambourines Now gazing upon your beauty Your silhouette in the alarm clock's glow showing random freckles across your back like marks made on a vague map, hair spilled to point to each territory.

Those deep tangles unlocked, fragrant curtains smoothed by knowing Thinking about you. Missing you.

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Wanting you. Wishing that I'll be lucky to chat with you again someday. Hope life is treating you well.

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Some days aren't the same without your presence. Some days I still wish you existed. The woman of my dreams.

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I've been missing you. Summer slowly Giving way to Autumn. Westward breezes Blowing through wheat fields. Crumbled grass Under your Sweet bare ass.

Golden curls Matching Kansas wheat. Beckoning Your tease Worldly, knowing.

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As I fall deeper Under your spell, Tossing me down. Wicked sexual laugh, Your conquest awaits. Holding my chin, Quick hungry kisses. Getting attached is a cruel thing, It comes unexpected, breaks your wing. For one late summer's day, With the harvest nearly done Amongst the fields of gold, A new love might be found When I met my one true love. May it have been a daydream?